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HCA 3-4 ID and Password for HCArewards.com

Note: You must have an HCA 401(k) Plan Account balance to have access to HCArewards.com and the LifeTimes Connection site.

  • Go to the Login screen and select Forgot My HCA 3-4 ID or Forgot Password
  • Contact the HCArewards.com Call Center at
    (800) 495-9008 if you are locked out of your account (or wait 24 hours for the system to automatically unlock it)
  • Supported PC browsers: Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x, 8.x; Safari 4.x and 5.x; Firefox 3.x
  • Supported Mac browsers: Safari 5.x and Firefox 3.x  
  • Call PBS (Planned Benefit Systems) at (877) 20-COBRA (26272)
HCA 401(k) Plan Account
  • Login to HCArewards.com and click on the LifeTimes Connection link in the blue bar or call LifeTimes Connection at 800) 566-4114
H2U Wellness Program: Life: Live it Well or the Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Call PBS (Planned Benefit Systems) at (877) 888-FLEX (3539) or e-mail fsahelp@cci-pbs.com for questions about your FSA Benefits Card, reimbursement claims or to check current account balances